Yes, You Can Immigrate To Canada Without A Job Offer!

Migrating in a nation is quite a big deal. There are numerous methodologies that person has to follow respect to his/her migration in another country. These procedures are specifically visa obtaining process that a person is required to follow. As we all know, visas are the most important documents which are necessary to represent before government authorities of that foreign nation you are entering in. Along with this there are numerous other eligibility and documentation criteria laid down by the government of that specific country.

Nowadays, most of the countries around the world are offering employment and study options to the foreign native, Canada is also one such country. It is one the top employments generating nations around the world. Like numerous developed countries such as U.S, U.K, and Australia, Canada is also becoming a leading spot of migration with the purpose of job and employment. If you have gotten a job offer in this country, your chances of migration will be increased. Since, there are numerous requisites which have been laid down by the Canadian government but still you can immigrate to canada without a job offer letter. Further here, the terms and tactics regarding this type of immigration have been discussed.

How one can migrate without a job offer letter?

If you have been enrolled for employment in an organization that is established in Canada, your chances of availing visa services will be fasten. The reason behind this is the greater number of points you will be given respect to your job offer letter, these points will be included in your express entry profile which is based on CSR ranking system. In such ranking system you are require maximum number of points to fasten your visa application’s approval. The minimum eligible points you are required is sixty.

But sometimes the particular organization does not provide any specific call letter, in such cases your migration seems difficult. There are few tactics that you are required to follow so that you can avail this service easily. Unlike other counties where you are required to present job offer while immigration process, Canada does not follow the same. Here representing a particular job offer letter is not mandatory.

Some of the essential guidelines over this have been mentioned herein:

  • If you meet the criteria of the category known as skilled worker, you can immigrate to the country. If you meet with the required expertise in any of the fields which are associated to Canadian labour field/market, then you may apply as federal skilled labour/worker
  • Still you are needed to pass the CSR point system that checks your promise’s efficiency. It let the government know your chances of success and failure after once you are migrated to the country
  • Get the help of an agent so that you may be able to apply for the adequate program regarding your migration as a skilled worker

Hence, you can efficiently immigrate to canada without a job offer by applying to suitable visa programs offered by the Canadian government. So you are no more required to worry over migration things without any job letter in Canada.

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