Method Of Testing Performance Of Pass-Through Desiccators

Pass through desiccators are very important instruments and pass ways for items in labs, where they are used in between two cleanrooms or lab compartments.If you know their importance in maintaining the required pressure and humidity of items as well as the lab compartments they connect, then you would understand that timely check of theircondition, and testing of their working is very much important.

What do pass through desiccators do?

Pass through desiccators connect two compartments in a lab or cleanroom, and act as the protected and secure passage, which ismaintained clean, sanitized, and dry, and used for transfer or exchange ofitemsbetween the compartments. That’s why any change ofhumidity or pressure inside the desiccator equipments, or any imbalance in sanitization may result in disturbanceof settings in the lab compartmentstoo. Therefore regular interval checks of the pass through desiccator units are much required.

How to analyze if your pass though desiccator unit is working right?

To analyze that your pass through desiccator unit is working alright, you will have to observe the following as you operate it:

  • After the transfer of an item, the humidity inside the desiccator box, and the humidity of the transferred item must be checked. This would suggest is the desiccator box is able to maintain the set humidity or dryness inside.
  • There are two doors in a pass-through desiccator box each of which connects to the two connecting compartments. When one door stays open another remains closed, which is the default function of the equipment. Under no forces orcircumstances should the twodoors open together. Hence you must make sure and check that one door is auto locked when another is opened.
  • To make the doors airtight they have gaskets around them. This gasket acts as the extra sealant to lock air. That’s why the gaskets must be checked at intervals for proper tightness and working.
  • An SDPVC coating on the door panels is there to reduce electrostatic charge buildup and chances of charge related fire inside. This coating is usually very durable. Still you must make sure that the coating is intact and working.
  • The welded joints in the equipment must be checked for strength and for signs of corrosion. Made from Stainless Steel desiccators they don’t have chances of catching rust though, yet a periodiccheckmakes sure your lab hygiene is balanced and monitored.

Professional checking

On top of all thesemonitoring you need professional assistance in checking methodically from time to time. For this you need to contact professionals who would check and certify for its condition. The certification is also important to show their tested okay condition in audit and all. Moreover you too can know from time to time that what you see andbelieve to be okay, is actually certified okayunder the checking of an authorized engineer.

Timely checking of a pass through desiccator is highly important, so that your lab environment and things of transfer through it are always saved from any contamination, and the rhythm of work is not disturbed.

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