wetsuit buying guide: Buy without regrets

Before you buy a kite or a board you must consider buying a wetsuit.Though you can always get a windsurf, or a kite or the other windsurf equipment on rent but a wetsuit should always be your own and exclusive primarily because of the reasons related to hygiene. Surely you would agree that wearing a suit which is used by others can imply contracting infections on your skin and that is surely not the nicest thing.

The major factors which governyour decision to buy an appropriate wetsuit must be air and water temperatures in which you plan to do your surfing and boarding.

Different types of neoprene suits are made for different uses and for different temperatures. Wetsuit costumes are from a thin “shorthy” (2 mm or less), which only covers the fuselage, for semi-dry suits of full 8 mm, usually supplemented with Wetsuit boots, gloves and hood .

During summer months also, it is highly recommended to wear a thin wetsuit at least which has short arms and legs –particularly if you intend to be on water in sturdier winds.

But on the contrary, if you get a thicker wetsuit you can easily extend the water season for a few more months. This is the reason why buying a wetsuit must be the most vital step while you are deciding on investing on your personal equipment from the windsurf shop.

How Does a Wetsuit Keep You Warm?

The sole and major purpose to get wetsuit is to keep your body warm while you are surfing. Wetsuits are made up of special material which is called as the neoprene. The rubber structure of this material enables a slightwater soak-up and it keeps it locks inside.

A very thin layer of water gets created between the wetsuit and the body which is usually heated to the body temperature and it helps in maintaining the thermal comfort. Therefore, the thicker the wetsuit, the warmer it would be since it would have a larger number of layers of materials and tighter seams.

At temperatures of 60 degrees and above, a 3/2 suit (3 mm in most neoprene suits and 2 mm in arms) should be sufficient, although each person has to decide whether it is warm enough for them. If a 3/2 is not always hot enough, you can add 2mm suit shirt which you wear under your 3/2 suit. Shoes are optional above 60 degrees of water temperature; many surfers do not use them because they want to hold the offer of bare feet.

Choosing The Right Wetsuit

Wetsuits are of two basic kinds – shortand long. Short ones have thinner neoprene, which is about 2 mm thick, and has sleeves and short legs. These short wetsuits are a great choice for warm summer days. The longer ones have full length sleeves and legs and are thicker and quite warmer as compared to the shorter ones. In case you only intend to do your surf activity during summer holidays only then you must buy a short wetsuit as it should be enough. But in case you are taking your water sports seriously, then investing a long wetsuit would be a good option. A common hybrid kind of wetsuit is also available in windsurf shop which has long legs and short sleeves and it is a great option for longer summer sessions.

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