Traveling To Russia: Learn the most convenient ways to St. Petersburg

If you are looking for Russia visa free travel, it means you are on the quest to visit the country in the most convenient ways possible and possibly have a visa free stay. St. Petersburg is a very interesting city in Russia; it has Museums, parks, palaces, Cathedrals, and very amazing historical construction that will really interest you. It is indeed a wonderful place for relaxation and cultural holiday. There is also a new means of transportation that includes very fast trains and sea ferries; so traveling to Russia and possibly looking for a free visa is justified, who wouldn’t want to visit the country for relaxation and other more interesting reasons. In this article you will learn some easy and fast ways you can get to Petersburg-Russia.

The connection of ferry between Helsinki and St. Petersburg was declare opened in April 2010, and the amazing thing is that these ferries are making exciting night cruises, so for people with a great interest for night cruises, you will be glad to visit and experience tours to Russia from USA,or any where you are. The ferries are capable of traveling between Finland to Helsinki about 2 to 3 times weekly and because it is a ice class boat, it operates throughout the year. The ferry provides cabins for accommodation of various classes for 2 to 4 people. The cabins have showers and private WC. There is also Deluxe and A class cabins located outside the ones having economy E and B class, Windows, and interior ones.

The great advantage of traveling in ferries is that it provides the opportunity to stay in Russia for 72 hours without visa. This means that one can jump into a ferry in Helsinki and travel to St. Petersburg visa free to enjoy amazing sites in the city. Also, you get arranged accommodation in the city.

The best way to have access to St Petersburg Russia is when you make the use of their ferries. If you live in Helsinki Finland, you can get Russia visa free travel to St. Petersburg for 72 hours.

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