Top Ten Places in UAE That You Should Visit with Your Family

United Arab Emirates is one of the safest and most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. The fun and joy that the place has in store are beyond one could even imagine. UAE has so many family-friendly places where families can spend quality time with each other while making sure that the kids have a great time too. Here are the top ten places in UAE where you can kick your shoes off and have a break from the usual mundanity of life.

1. Burj Khalifa

This tallest building in the world which is situated in Dubai is a must-see place for tourists. Burj Khalifa stands with majesty and the view it has to offer is nothing short of heavenly. You will get to see the panoramic view of Dubai and this is something that can’t be missed!

2. Sharjah Arts Museum

If you are an artsy person and would want your kids to get a taste of art, Sharjah Arts Museum is the perfect place to be at. It is situated on the Corniche street and you are sure to have a great time indulging in the richness of art that it has in store.

3. Beaches

Who doesn’t like beaches? Children especially, go gaga over beaches every single time they are taken there. The beaches in Abu Dhabi, Jumeirah, Fujeriah, etc can fill you with the peace that you need and make you feel so much at ease. Do not miss out on the breeze and serenity that they have to offer you.

4. Dubai Creek Abra Ride

If you are on a budget yet looking forward to experiencing the real soul of Dubai, Abra rides across Dubai creek is the best choice. You get to enjoy the sunset and the serene evenings across the water yet so much at the heart of the city.

5. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

If you are a fan of architecture, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the place for you! The mosque is an epitome of grandeur and beauty and is sure to take your breath away.

6. Dubai Parks and Resorts

This massive property covers three parks – MotionGate Dubai, Bollywood parks Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park. LEGOLAND aims at entertaining children to the fullest and needless to say, your children will have a great time and will thank you later!

7. The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Atlantis – The Palm

Wouldn’t your kids be curious to know what happens underwater? Here is a chance for them to see for themselves and be amazed at the beauty that The Lost Chambers Aquarium has in store. The varied varieties of sea creatures are sure to take their breath away and give them a memorable experience.

8. iFly Dubai

If you love skydiving and would want to try it out with zero risks involved, iFly Dubai is here for you. Go and unleash your desire to fly high and be free.

9. Wild Wadi Water Park

Beat the heat this summer by visiting the most entertaining Wild Wadi Water Park. There are 17 water slides here where your children and you can have a great time of adventure and fun. Give yourself a break and enjoy to the fullest.

10. Souks

Dubai is a hub and the Souks in Dubai take it to the next level. If you love shopping, the souks in Deira are not to be missed. Get your loved ones a little something from these souks and get your hands on the finesse of local handicrafts.

UAE is a fun country to be in. There are many more such places that can be visited with your family to have the best vacation ever. Just make sure that when you travel, you are prepared with the travel essentials for baby so that you won’t have any trouble midway. So go ahead and have a great time with your family!

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