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Top places to visit in Dubai during a Short Trip

Dubai is the most sought-after destination by travelers across the globe and undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world. From towering skyscrapers, modern architectural marvels, plethora of manmade and natural wonders, pulsating nightlife, theme parks, swanky shopping malls to its historic past, there is a lot to see in this city.

If you are in Dubai for a short trip, you can see the top Dubai tourist attractions by availing Dubai city tour package offered by most tour operators in Dubai.  This will help you see the top attractions and get the real experience of Dubai.

Top attractions in Dubai are:

  • Burj Khalifa – Also called the Jewel of Dubai, this exceptional masterpiece of art and architecture is the world`s tallest building. Dominating Dubai skyline since 2010, at 828 mts high, Burj Khalifa is the most famous landmark and one of the best ways o begin your sightseeing tour is by visiting this marvel. Enjoy stunning views of the city from its two observatory decks on 124 th, 125 th floor and the second in 148 th floor at an altitude of 555meters. This tallest tower dominates Dubai skyline, rising gracefully out of the desert is a must – see for every visitor.


  • Dubai Fountain – At the base of Burj Khalifa, lies a man-made Burj Khalifa lake. Here the Dubai Fountains perform the sound and light show every night and water reaches up to a height of 150 meters in the air. It is one of the best free attractions of the city that comes alive afternoon and evening.
  • Dubai Mall – It is the shopper`s paradise right next to the Burj Khalifa. It is the world`s largest shopping center with more than 1200 shops, 150 restaurants, home to indoor theme park, aquarium, ice rink, choreographed outdoor fountain, Underwater Zoo – all spread across a sprawling area of 13 million sq ft.


  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo- Located inside Dubai Mall, it is one of the best ways to escape the heat and spend quality time with your family and children. With approximately 33,000 aquatic animals and home to world`s largest collections of sand tiger sharks, it is must see in Dubai.


  • Dubai Miracle Garden – It is a dreamland of miraculous beauty with a wide variety of colorful floral species spread over 72,000 sqm space. There are over 150 million flowers arranged in arches and patterns.


  • Dubai Creek – Take a ride in the traditional abra to explore Old Dubai`s winding waterways and souks.


  • Palm Jumeirah – Visit this man-made island in the shape of a palm tree with a series of artificial archipelagos. It is home to Atlantis, one of the most luxurious resorts and well developed with roads, tunnels and public transport.


  • Marina Walk – In the evenings, take a stroll in the Dubai Marina, world`s largest man-made marina. You can get to see the world`s tallest apartment buildings as you stroll along Dubai Marina Walk, a 7km pedestrian walkway lined by shisha cafes, restaurants.

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