Luxury Vacations in India

Top Luxury Vacations To Enjoy In India For Unique Experience

India is a pulsating destination filled with unique landforms, heritage sites, energetic attractions, hidden gems, royal spots and much more. From the snowy misty Himalayas to the fresh beaches of Andaman, the entire country is filled with amazing spots and extraordinary experiences.

If you are looking to enjoy India with a luxury vacation, here are the top ideas for your upcoming trip.

  • Luxury trains help you scale multiple destinations in a luxurious train. You can find numerous luxury trains like Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels and Deccan odyssey Train are covering different destinations of the country.
  • Luxury cruise helps you to scale coastal regions to enjoy a romantic escape. You can find numerous styles of luxury cruise starting from honeymoon trips to cruise with booze and dance for endless nightlife.
  • If you are into rejuvenation and re-discovering yourself, you ought to choose Ayurvedic hotels and spa for a luxurious and wellness vacation. Most of these spas are located in the most beautiful spots of the country.
  • If you love water, it is best to choose beach resorts to spend your entire vacation on the sandy beaches. To highlight the uniqueness in your vacation, you ought to choose specific destinations like Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Goa Tours and others.
  • India is the land of royals. The land, which was ruled by numerous kings, holds numerous different types of palaces, which are open to tourists to enjoy a royal vacation like the kings in heritage hotels, boutique hotels and others.
  • Escape to serenity in lush hill stations to stay amidst tea plantations, eco-friendly resorts, ski resorts and others. People usually prefer serene locations with almost no commercialization of tourism.
  • If you love animals, you can customize your vacation to be close to natural sites rich with animals. How about a vacation where you can wake to the songs of migration birds, spot animals playing from your balcony and take up safaris, rides and trip through lush vegetation. This is where the wildlife resorts and top national parks come handy in India.
  • Enjoy iconic attractions like Kerala‚Äôs houseboat trip, tea tourism of Darjeeling, hot air balloon rides in Goa, Camel Safari in Rajasthan, ski trips and scuba diving in Andaman and so on. Luxury is valued at the level of uniqueness, your vacation bring into your life.
  • Some prefer choose exclusive trips to private locations like wine country of India, unique islands of Lakshadweep and others. Choosing exclusive sites will help you enjoy a unique vacation and endless surprises throughout your trip.

Apart from these, you can choose to take helicopter ride, enjoy signature delicacies, and choose to stay in iconic monuments, sign up for exclusive experiences and much more. Starting from motorbike trip along the mountain passes to relishing beach life at Andaman, the entire country is famous for its rich collection of luxury trip options. It is hard to make up a luxury itinerary from scratch, especially when you are visiting India for the very first time. Thus, it is important to choose any tour packages, which reflects the level of pampering and comfort, which you are looking forward during your vacation. Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train offers you to experience impeccable services onboard train. But you must check Deccan Odyssey Train Fare, Departure Dates, History, General Information, Facilities etc before booking.

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