Sinhagad Trek

Top Five Trekking Destinations Of Maharashtra

Trekking is an important tourist activity, if you are visiting Maharashtra. There are numerous trekking routes and destinations in this state and this article will talk in detail about top five sites.

Remember that no all the sites are at prime beauty throughout the year. You need to choose the right season to experience the best trekking vacation.

1. Lohagad Fort

This fort is one of the important heritage sites of Maharashtra. Built in 16th century, it was an ancient prison, which was turned into a treasury, later. Apart from architectural sightseeing, this region is also famous for numerous trekking routes. Tourists trek from Mumbai or Pune to Lohagad. If you are looking for shorter trekking routes, choose Malavli to Lohagad route, which stretches for 7 km and can be scaled within 2 hours.

Nearest Major Location – Lonavala Railway Station – 11 Km

Trip Duration – Half a Day

Transportation Options – Cab, Walking or Trekking

Best Visited From – Lonavala

Lohagarh Fort Maharashtra

2. Kalsubai Peak

This mountain is famous for trekking and pilgrimage activities. There are numerous trekking routes to reach the peak. The best of all is the village trekking circuit, which stretches for 10 km from Bhandardara. It is a moderate route and is famous for the attractions and destinations on the route. The trekking trail from Indore is a beautiful one; however, it is strictly for avid trekkers. The best time to trek in this region is from September to February only.

Nearest Major Location – Bhandardara- 12 Km

Trip Duration – One Whole Day

Transportation Options – Bus, Cab, Walking Or Trekking

Best Visited From – Baari Village

Kalsubai Trek

3. Sinhagad Fort

Located close to Pune, this region is best visited via trekking. If you are interested in mild trekking, reach the fort via driving and then take trekking to get back to your destination. From Sinhagarh Village, it would not take more than an hour to reach the fort. The fort closes by 6in the evening. This route has best views of mountain valleys, backdrop of the fort and lush vegetation.

Nearest Major Location – Pune Railway Station – 32 Km

Trip Duration – 6 Hours

Transportation Options – Bus, Cab, Walking Or Trekking

Best Visited From – Pune Railway Station

Sinhagad Trek

4. Ratangad Fort

This heritage site holds a natural rock peak, which is famous for trekking trails. You can find the beautiful valleys of Sahyadri Mountain during your trekking route. The base destination is Ratanwadi village. It would take 4 hours to complete the trail. On the way, one should cross a small thick forest, fields, Pravara River and a village. The best time for trekking is from October to December.

Nearest Major Location – Bhandardara- 23 Km

Trip Duration – One Whole Day

Transportation Options – Boating and Trekking

Best Visited From – Amruteshwar Temple – 6 Km

Ratangad Trek

5. Pratapgad fort

This fort stands at a height of 1080 m above mean sea level. Exploring the fort is the first style of trekking to enjoy. Apart from these, you can find numerous trekking trails around the fort region, leading the villages. Some people trek to the fort, which would stretch for just one km. This trail can be easily scaled by novice trekkers.

Nearest Major Location – Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand- 20 Km

Trip Duration – Half a Day

Transportation Options – Trekking, Bus, Cab or Walking

Best Visited From – Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand

Pratapgad Fort Trek


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