Top exciting things to do in Mumbai

Mumbai – the name of this city makes you all starry-eyed. Yes, the city which never sleeps. No wonder the hustle-bustle, glittery lives broaden your vision of exploring this amazing and unraveled city. The journey of Bombay to become Mumbai will surely fill your soul. Nostalgic elegance, rich history, and the modern facilities will forever keep you mesmerized and this city close to your heart. The required adrenaline rush and the soothing effect of serotonin!!! Mumbai will surely make a way to moments which will click and cling. For life should be such that it lets you appreciate yourself and everything good surrounding you.

Technology and the modern lifestyle has doomed the spontaneity of adventure and we are helping destroy it every time we Google, check-in and hashtag. So, if the lines get blurry and you have started finding yourself in a limbo, here are the places in Bombay to visit which will effortlessly calm your nerves.

Visiting the famous Marine Drive


Take a walk or cycle around this 3.5 km long stretch and get all your ME-time and reconnect with the real you. When the city is busy resting, enjoy the rustling voices of wind, the cool breeze and the calmness which the waves of Arabian Sea bring while coming towards you. The music it brings will forever be memorized and missed by the beautiful soul hidden inside you.

Midnight Cycling


You can go cycling through the coastal route and also exploring the nook and corner of South Mumbai. There you will witness the astounding historical buildings holding much of British historical importance.

Dream Date on a Late Night Cruise

Dream Date on a Late Night Cruise in mumbai

The velvety wine poured in glasses, the beautiful water waves and a quite, refreshing atmosphere away from all cafes light and style. This cruise idea is lit and who would like to miss that beautiful smile on the loved ones because of us. It is a perfect getaway idea to spend some quality time.

Sunset at Juhu Beach

Positioned on the banks of Arabian Sea, it is known for celebrities’ bungalows and flats. This place will be envy-evoking as you will be busy complimenting the pink-orange sunsets and the sunrises. It is one of the most well-to-do places in the city.

Enjoying the Street Food

Coming to Mumbai and not relishing the mouth-watering Vada Pav with a Cutting Chai is highly impossible. So do visit GIRGAON Chowpatty beach ( adjoining marine drive) which is a place for the best street food in Mumbai. Kathi Roll is another must-have one a hungry stomach on your visit to Mumbai. Dig in and widen your taste buds.

Must-visits at Pawana Lake

Do spend some time at the Pawana Lake which provides night camping giving you a beautiful insight of Mumbai and nearby areas as well. Take a drive to Haji Ali Dargah – the music and the qawalis are just so mystical. Visit bandstand promenade and its amphitheater which serves as a venue for Mumbai Festival. There you can also enjoy Walk of Stars which honors the famous Bollywood actors. Cycle around the biggest slums of India and get to know them.

Mumbai is rightly known as the City of Dreams as it looks no less than a mere dream in reality. This Mayanagari is not just the wealthiest city in India but it also has stunning architecture in every corner which you must explore on your visit.

We hope our list of things to do has made you excited already. So what are you waiting for?  Book your trip now with our best India tour packages and relish the charm of Mumbai.

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