Top 7 Life-Changing Travel Experiences You Should Have at Least Once in Your Lifetime

When it comes to traveling, we are frequently asked: “Where is your favorite destination?” And if you are already a long-time traveler, you are completely aware of how hard it is to answer. Not only because of the many places you have been to already, but isn’t it that people ask you the wrong question?

Travel is mostly about the geographical locations we visit but do we also consider the experiences we get? Skydiving or bungee jumping is not included on that. Rather, it’s about the gained life-changing, a changed way of looking and thinking, and humbling experiences. If you haven’t experienced that yet, keep reading as we share with you 8 travel experiences that you should have at least once in your lifetime.

Travel Independently

Being comfortable alone and enjoying your own company is an important life skill because you may never know the time you will apply it. You don’t realize it yet but owning your decisions and mistakes and taking responsibility for them will help you to grow more than any other travel experience there is.

Embrace autonomy, face the worries by yourself, question your own existence, keep on moving and allow yourself to expand. It’s the time you can get to know who you really are.

Evening Under the Stars

Avoid that luxury hotel or leave the tent at home for the meantime and instead spend an evening under the beautiful sparkly night sky. You can lie on a camp bed instead or sleep on the beach and enjoy that picturesque view above. When you wake up, you will see how vast and expanse the sky is.

Although camping is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, there are people who love being woken up gently by the sound of birds and the snuggly feel of the tent.

Long Voyage by Sea

Commercial flights make us hop entire oceans and we turn all of our attention to the in-flight movie menu than the distance we are traveling. Try boarding a boat at least once in your life and you will see how the travel changes. Witness the harbor as it grows dim for the next 18 hours and get to watch the sun set and rise for the rest of your journey and appreciate the beauty of open water, tranquility, and nature. You will surely relish that time when you see dry land again.

Experience Culture Shock

Culture shock is the absolute opposite of your status quo. It isn’t just experiencing a different continent. Just imagine the feeling that comes from a hard, cold slap across the face. It’s where the air is detectable, thicker or thinner. Or it’s where the roads are ten times wider and more exhilarating than you’ve ever seen, or where the roads don’t exist at all.

Sometimes the place might have electricity that comes and goes as it please, or the sun is too hot, or strange people are living in it compared to every other person you’ve ever known. This is exciting but you will get to learn a lot and understand the diversity the globe holds.

Taste Food Where it Originated

If you’ll go to Japan, try their beef, or if you’re planning to visit Mexico, taste the goodness of Tacos. Enjoy and taste your favorite food or drink in the place from where it came. It’s a great experience to consume ingredients that have been reared and harvested by local hands. You will see how the preparation, serving, and seasoning should be the way it should. And we bet that it tastes much better!

Stay at a Five-Star Luxury Hotel

At least once in your life, you should definitely treat yourself to try the leisure life for your next getaway! There are a lot of hotel accommodations and resorts that can assure to trigger all the wanderlust within you. The key here is to do research so you can guarantee that your money is worth spending for. Various luxury hotels offer services that are suited for your desired type of vacation. Whether you would like to live in a luxury treehouse, lounge on a tropical beach, close to wildlife, or a hotel that will let you experience their country’s traditional side, it’s up to you.

Do Something that Scares You

We all have our personal fears. Whether you are scared jumping off a bridge with nothing more than a bungee cord attached to the feet or you find it very exhilarating, go out and try conquering your fears. Embrace it and we are sure you’ll feel stronger for doing it! Conquering your fear is not just about adrenaline rush activities, it can be buying that ticket in Korea even if you don’t know any single local word, going out alone on a Saturday night, or getting lost in the streets.

Have you had the chance to experience one of these? Did we miss out any other travel experiences you’d like to share with us? Let us know below!

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