Top 7 Facts About Gulliver’s Gate NYC

Did you ever realize by sitting in the Times Square at Manhattan, you can see things from all around the world? Gulliver’s gate NYC is the latest creation with miniature figures that has become a big attraction and people from different places are coming here to see it.

Here in the Gulliver’s gate times square, you can catch a glimpse of the whole world around us which has been very meticulously crafted in miniature size. You can see different countries, their cultures and certain special moments of their history.

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What is Gulliver’s Gate Times Square?

If you look at the Gulliver’s Gate then perhaps the first time you may not be able to appreciate and really understand what the whole thing is. It can be defined as a playful interpretation of the actual world which is displayed in a miniature form.

The whole thing is exhibited within 50,000 square feet area in the miniature form and it displays the following areas.

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • New England
  • New York City
  • Russia
  • The Middle East

In each of its exhibit, it clearly displays the important landmarks and the actual landscapes of that area. As an example, if you take the view of New England then you will find strong standing lighthouses, gorgeous fall foliage, quaint town squares of New England town and including lobster fishing boats moving on the sea.

Gulliver’s Gate Times Square can pack the whole world into a certain block of the space and hence after visiting this place you can always tell your friend that just by visiting New York City, you could see the whole world.

Few tips while visiting Gulliver’s gate

You can appreciate your visit to Gulliver’s Gate Times Square if you follow the following few tips.

  • Look for Details-Most of the intricate details about the place are usually displayed in the Gulliver’s Gate Times Square and therefore you have to see it in proper detail. If you just glance through then you will not be in a position to appreciate how much pain has been taken to create it.
  • Not All parts of geography can be created equal-Since this has been done in much smaller scale, there is every possibility that certain important geographic details may not be the exact replica, and hence you should move on if you find them missing.
  • People of all ages can appreciate Gulliver’s Gate-This is not only for fun but also for education purpose too and therefore your children can also appreciate as much as you can.

Know what you can bring and what need not bring

While visiting this place you should not carry the following:

  • Backpacks
  • Food and Beverages
  • Luggage
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Umbrellas
  • However, you are free to bring your smartphones and cameras.

Times square transportation

You can easily reach this place through subways.

Buy Gulliver’s gate times square tickets from Online

Usually there is a big rush and hence you may buy advance tickets online.

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