Three reasons to take a holiday to Lapland

Going away once or twice a year for holiday is a healthy practice for your body, mind and spirit, but best of it all holidays are really fun. And when you are holidaying to the Santa’s land, Lapland fun is an understatement to describe the holiday. However, Lapland is not just about visiting the Santa, there is so much more to see and do in the Northern Finland, Lapland. Book holidays to Lapland with a reliable and affordable Lapland holiday tour provider to ensure safe and happy trip.

Three reasons to take a holiday to Lapland:

Northern lights Safari: the Aurora Borealis, one among the natural wonders in the world occur in Lapland between 2 am and 5 pm from November to April. There is no guarantee of seeing northern lights for sure but if you take a tour away from natural lights the chances increase. Taking trips to Lapland is your only way of witnessing or coming close to witnessing the Aurora Borealis.

Reindeer sleigh riding: People in Lapland have depended upon reindeer since long for travel and food. Open sleighs that are pulled by a single reindeer is fastened to the wooden shafts with harness that is decorated in a traditional manner. You will be able to sleigh along the snowy tracks of forests and enjoy the landscape.

Ice fishing: this is a traditional sport in Lapland. You will witness the most beautiful areas in Lapland when you go deep down for Ice fishing, snowmobile drive is usually required. Your tour company will provide you overalls for ice fishing, warm clothing and also an ice auger. Your usual catches will be perch, large pike, Zander, whitefish and burbot. Consider booking holidays to Lapland only from reliable and efficient tour companies.

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