Here is a Plan that Would Help You to Visit Rajasthan

Planning to visit Rajasthan this time on vacation for the first time? Have you searched for the basic information about the place?

Rajasthan serves you with a colorful experience. The place is much popular for the heritage it has preserved, the ancient palaces, glorious gardens, folk dances, lively music, lavishing cuisines, and much more that would add a new charm to your trip. However, there are some things you need to work on before visiting the destination. Here are some tips that would help you enjoy your package selected from Royal Adventure tour for visiting Rajasthan.

Selecting number of days

While selecting the Rajasthan tour package, the primary thing you need to work on is the number of days. The state comes with nearly four cities that are a must to visit while traveling there namely, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Udaipur. Hence, you need approximately 2 nights while traveling to Rajasthan and explore all these places. Also, if you are planning to travel by road, you need one day extra. Before deciding the number of days, make a note of the distance between the destinations, and also make a proper planning.

Have a search on places to stay

While looking for Rajasthan travel packages, you should also look for budget-friendly hotels and palaces where you can spend your night with comfort. The places Jodhpur and Udaipur would provide you with a luxurious stay like Taj, as well as, you can look for Havelis that are now converted into hotels for a home like stays. The havelis of Rajasthan provide you with accommodation having a traditional touch along with recipes and dishes with a local touch. Hence, choose your stay wisely.

Selecting your means for traveling

The next step while planning your Rajasthan tour package is deciding the traveling mode. If you are willing to explore the city more, you need to travel through Railways, as it would take less time for traveling. But if you are looking to visit small towns and making your trip more colorful, the roadway is the best to travel in. Also, while traveling on the road, it is advisable to move during the daytime. If you are looking to travel in the city, you can use the local transportations like tuk-tuk, rickshaws, cabs, etc.

Also, while planning for Jaipur tour packages, you must also make out a list of the eateries, sightseeing, shopping, cultural hotspots, and other important aspects, that would help you in delving into the place accurately.


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