Places to Visit Near Jaipur Within 100 km

Jaipur provides you many places that speak of the Royal elegance and style. It is the city of riches in heritage and in color. The outskirts of the city also provide you with many more places worth seeing and spending some time in. many of these places are also covered in the Jaipur Travel Packages.

Else you may opt to go to these places independently taking one of those Cab Services in Jaipur. Decide on the Royal Taxi cabs for the visit to these nearby places in Jaipur for a safe and comfortable drive. The experienced drivers are also aware about the places here and can guide you properly on the places to be visited depending on the time available with you.

The places near Jaipur within a distance of 100 kms:

  • Sanganer: This is a small village at about 16 kms from the capital city and is famous for the hand block printing on textiles. The place is great merging point for the rural as well as the urban profiles. The village is also known for a palace that is in ruins now and the few Jain temples. The place is also famous for the handmade paper and has the largest hand made paper industry in the country.


  • Samode Palace: This is a 16th century fort situated around 40 kms North West of Jaipur. Exclusive designs of Muslim and Rajasthan architecture are seen in the palace that is now converted into a heritage hotel and a museum. Spending time in this place is rewarding.


  • Chand Bhaori (Abhaneri): This 9th century step well built by King Chanda is an incredible hidden treasure in Rajasthan. The 64 feet depth structure is located in the Abhaneri village which is around 95 kms away from Jaipur and takes around 90 minutes to reach.


  • Sambhar: This farmhouse possesses the largest inland salt lake in the country. The place is about 94 kms to the west of Jaipur and attracts the tourists. The other attractions are the holy Devyani tank and a palace in ruins.


  • Khatu Shyamji Temple: The famous Khatu Shyamji temple situated at a distance of around 80 kms from Jaipur is also a place visited very often by the people in Rajasthan and Haryana. As per the Hindu mythology, Khatu Shyam is the son of Ghatotkcha who in turn is the son of Bhim, the Pandav brother.

There are many more places near Jaipur that act as major tourist attraction and are good for the short weekend getaways.

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