All you need to know about the Outsourced Call Centres

In this era, no one is unaware of the BPO firms as they have been playing a very important role in the IT sector. From small companies to MNCs, everybody is preferring the call centre’s services so that they can offer premium services to their customers and that will improve their business’s profitability.

As we know that, nothing is perfect in this world so how we can believe that BPO industry doesn’t have any cons. If you are a company owner and willing to know about outsourced call centres before approaching them, following points will help you out for sure.

Ø Pros:

ü Reduces the expenses

The aspect that draws the attention of many companies towards the outsourced call centres is the reduction of expenses. Well, running a BPO firm isn’t an easy as pie because you have to invest a lot of money in infrastructure, workforce, and much more. Apart from that, handling numerous customers on the daily basis not only kill your time & efforts but also distracts you from the core business. That’s why organisations prefer outsourcing vendors to prevent any hassle.

ü Reasonable price for 24/7 services

Being an owner of a business, you are always supposed to be available round the clock not only for the customers but also for your firm’s growth. The factor that makes every outsourced call centre more demanding is 24/7 services that they offer at the nominal price. In addition to this, these services also make the company available all the day & night and that means it not only ensures the business’s popularity but also enhances the chances of better sales. 

ü Handle overflow call volume

Well, if you are targeting the global customers, you should always be ready to handle their queries. Call centres have always been known for managing the high call volumes and all thanks to their agents & tools. For those who don’t know, the multichannel approach has been being used round the clock so that every customer can avail the desired services from anywhere at any time.

ü Eliminate the staffing issues

If you think that running an outsourced call centre in UK is nothing less than a cakewalk, your perception is wrong because it is not all about calling. Staffing issues are one of those major problems that come out while starting a BPO firm as hiring, training, managing the large workforce according to the requirements etc. take a lot of time and money. That’s the reason why organisations opt for the call centre’s services.

ü Latest Technology

The Latest technology is another crucial aspect that attracts most of the companies towards the call centres because it not only helps in keeping the customers satisfied but also increases the productivity. If you are thinking to buy all the high-tech tools, drop the idea as maintaining & updating them will cost you an arm & a leg.

Ø Cons:

ü Linguistic barriers

Linguistic barriers may come as a surprise to you but it is true that every outsourced call centre doesn’t provide the impeccable communication services. There are many BPO firms that don’t care about the customer’s accent and that’s why they usually deal with the conflicts.

ü Hidden charges

Of course, we are not saying that every BPO firm tries to cheat their clients by forcing them to pay the hidden charges. But, there are many call centres that usually ask for the extra money by making an excuse of their so-called policies and that always leads to legal problems.

ü Lack of knowledge

Sometimes, call centres don’t provide proper information about the products or services to their agents and that not only leads to customer dissatisfaction but also puts their client into an unusual trouble. In addition to this, customer’s retention rate also gets affected that shakes the company’s stability.

ü Training issues

If you are running a business, you should already know that how much training is necessary for the agents. But, there many BPO firms that don’t train their agents properly and that’s why the chances of poor services get increased which lead to poor output.

Wrapping Up:

This blog sheds some light on the pros and the cons of outsourced call centres. We aren’t saying that every BPO firm is bad but there are many agencies that are known for their wrongdoings. So, if you have any query or want to tell us something regarding the same, mention it in our comment section. And, don’t forget to follow us.

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