Make Holiday Batter – Phone, Huawei, Data Hack etc.

If your phone is lost or the rascals have taken away? To find out the location.

The smartphone has become an important part of our life. There are currently more than 45 million smartphone users in our country. All these users have one voice in common, if the phone is away from the eye, the heart becomes restless. It happens so many times that your phone is on Silent mode and it gets lost in the house itself. In such a way it is difficult to find.


As long as you do not get it, you are upset. Many times the miscreants snatch your phone and run away. There is a lot of trouble in this. However, Google has resolved this. However, your phone’s data, GPS and Google account must be active. If these three are active then the phone can be easily detected.

Find out location

1. First, go to the desktop and login to Gmail. After login, go to the homepage.
2. Go to the Google Account and choose the option to secure it.
3. Scroll down to see the option of “Find a lost or stolen phone” to click on.
4. After clicking on this option, you will need to enter the Gmail password again. After this, your GPS will open

If the phone is nearby then a green signal will appear on the GPS. If the current location is the last location of the smartphone, then it will blur the gray. Overall it will tell you about the phone’s location. If you click on Play Sound, Google will ring your phone for five minutes. It does not matter if your phone is on Silent mode. The second option is to secure data.

Choosing this option will lock your phone and the Google Account will be signed out. This will not make any flirting with your data. Locations can be traced even after locking. If your phone is not found then there is an option to erase the data. But, after data erasing, can not know about its location.

Uncovering ‘The Great Hack’, your data is not safe, your online information is being sold.

Digital traces of our lives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat are being used every year in a Mahashank (trillion) dollar industry and there is no way to get out of it. We have now become an object for the tech giants, on which they are constantly watching.

They are giving our data to third parties. These Third Parties are using this data to make great details for personal level targeting, to mislead voters and to gain the advantage of advertisers.

Netflix’s new documentary, The Great Hack, has highlighted how the UK company’s political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica has taken a dignified eight million and a million Facebook users and the US President of 2016 Donald Trump helped in the elections.

Documentaries highlight the major dangers of our lives. The social media platform created to connect people to each other is being wildly used by the bad people of the nation-state to influence the independent and unbiased elections around the world. Their aim is to find those who do not know who to vote.

As soon as they get information about such people, the firm favors advertisements to influence people like the US elections and the Brexit campaign. Many of us do not know that our data is out of nowhere and it can be used in many different ways against us, which we do not even have an idea about.

Huawei released the first 5G commercial mobile phone.

The company released the first 5G commercial mobile phones in Shenzhen city of China. Also, the Huawei smart screen will also be in the market recently. Huawei Consumer Business Mobile Phone Product Line Director-General Ho Kang said at the launch of the product launch that Huawei Danjam 20.5, as the 5G mobile phone to receive the first 5G network license in China, is currently the world’s only dual-mode mobile phone, which runs on both independent networking or non-independent networking.

Huawei Company also announced the entry into the TV business. He will create smart screens based on the HongGang system. Honor Smart Screen will be in the market in August 2019 and Huawei Smart Screen will be in the market in September 2019.

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