Let your kids enjoy country life at Hanericka Farmstay in NSW

City dwellers can enjoy the use of technology and immense perks, but the real living is getting closer to nature and enjoying fresh air, which can be experienced at farmstays. To enjoy a mini break far from the hustle and bustle of city life and especially with your kids, Hanericka Farmstay in NSW (http://www.hanericka.com.au/ ) is the best option. The place offers umpteen goodies for you and your kids to experience country-life-style. Let’s check them out one by one. Here we go:

Greet the dawn with rooster’s crow

Refresh up your senses with the morning sounds at Hanericka Farmstay. Visiting here, you can get up with a rooster calling you and summoning you to a yummilicious breakfast. You can enjoy the whistling sound of trees around, enjoy chirping of birds, can see ducks waddling around, and more.  Considering food, what can be more astounding than having eggs finely cooked from fresh farm produce!

Enjoy horse, tractor or bike ride

Your kids can be thrilled to take a ride around the farm. It can be horse ride, tractor ride or bike ride. To view the beauty of farm, riding is the best way. The staff here is so gentle and friendly that your kids would love to explore the farm life with them, in case you want to get relaxed under a tree shadow.

 Get friendly with animals

At Hanericka, kids get the opportunity to hand-feed ducks, turkeys, chickens, calves, poddy lambs, camels, and many more animals. Kids accompanying you can also see cattle and sheep grazing in the paddocks. They can even participate in farm activities like milking cows and goats or gathering eggs from the chickens.

Learn farming

Kids visiting here can see lupins, oat, wheat and canola fields along with learning the various uses of how grains produced there are used after being sold off the farm. What’s superb about Hanericka is that kids can themselves grind wheat with the help of staff and can make their own bread. Isn’t it interesting?

Furthermore, kids can learn the process behind their food availability like from observing wheat seed planting in the field, to grain grown, to grind it, and lastly, to make flour out of it.

Activities Galore

People visiting here can enjoy various recreational facilities like soccer field, table tennis, bushwalking tracks, gumboot throwing, tennis courts, cycling routes, boomerang throwing, and in ground swimming pool. The place offers special arrangements for activities like movie nights, trivia nights, night walks, bushdances, etc.

The Details

Located midway between Sydney and Melbourne, Hanericka Farmstay takes your holiday experience to the next level. Letting you get familiar with the everyday farming life of an Australian family, the farm is serving its visitors for more than 25 years. Best of all, it is a pet-friendly farm, thus there is no need to leave your four-legged buddies alone at home. Clicking here, book your stay with Hanericka in no time and get set to enjoy country life with your family.

Why waiting? Plan to reach the place along with your kids and let them learn various things of country life in play way method and with the help of fresh and creative approach.

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