Ireland Cycling Tours – What We Offer Here At Green Marble Cycle Tours

Here at Green Marble Cycle Tours, we don’t just offer the standard Irish cycling tours that you will see almost every other company offering. We offer Irish cycling tours with a difference. Our whole motto, our ethos and our belief is that people do not come to Ireland to see the main tourist attractions, to check them off their to do list like they are doing their weekly grocery shop, but rather that they come to our great little country for the experience, to see what it’s like to be Irish, to be immersed in the culture and our many, many traditions! We believe that while Ireland can be beautiful and enigmatic on the days where the sun shines down, ‘splitting the rocks’, it is also equally as beautiful when a gentle mist hangs in the air, coating the world in a dense dew, giving everything a sort of shine, magically glistening. We believe that your experience will be enhanced by seeing some of the small and secluded villages, where people still speak Irish in the home and still work the land with the hand tools their father’s father did.

Ireland cycling tours

So, while we will bring you to the main tourist spots, the must see stops and all the same places that the other companies will bring you to, we won’t let you miss out on the real Ireland. The Ireland that is hidden from view, away from the hustle and bustle of our festival infused towns and cities. Our Ireland cycling tours will take you on the path less trodden, the one that has grass growing down the middle of it, with families working together roadside to cut and save the turf, cut hay for those long hard winter months with scythe and sickle, and heard sheep on foot to greener pastures. Our tours are carefully put together by people with combined experience of over 30 years, with in depth local knowledge of each turn and crossroads from Limerick to Donegal, with our only goal being that you have a holiday of a lifetime, a most memorable experience.

We think of everything. Over the years, every last detail has been addressed to make sure that your tour will be without any glitches. If you wish to carry your own luggage, we can arrange for any excess to be carried from your starting point to your end point. If you don’t want to carry your luggage we can take it from accommodation to accommodation. If you have certain requirements with regards to food or allergies we will pick accommodations and restaurants that can look after you. We have the best hire bikes in Ireland that are maintained to the highest standards. If you have

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