Incredible Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy news!! If this is your first time, then you are probably excited to know about many things. In a few spans of months, your life will change forever. You are totally clueless about the body changes and despite of all the excitement you don’t know how to prepare yourself for a healthy pregnancy.

Hey, mom countdown has begun, take a deep breath and follow these healthy tips-

1. Early prenatal care

As soon as you realize that you are pregnant, consult a good gynaecologist. At early days you have to go through some prenatal test which is compulsory to determine the health of the fetus. After the test, the doctor will suggest medication which you need to follow seriously.

2. Pregnancy nutritional diet

At this point of time, a nutritional diet is very important for your health and for the development of the baby. Avoid eating junk food and follow the suggested diet like

• Dairy products as they are rich in protein.

• Broccoli and green leafy vegetables, which are the rich source of vitamins and minerals.

• Fruits like apple and berries.

3. Exercises

Yes, a regular exercise during pregnancy has many benefits. It will reduce the discomfort of backaches and fatigue. The exercise helps to relieve stress and also enhance stamina for delivery. Some suggested exercise is brisk walking, yoga, and swimming and low impact aerobics. However, consult your doctor before starting any of these.

4. Take nutritional supplements

After the test, the doctor suggests nutritional supplements like folic acid, iron, and calcium. Folic acid is good for the development of the brain and spinal cord. It prevents neural birth defects. The calcium is used for the growth of baby’s bone so there is a deficiency of calcium for you. So, all these prenatal multivitamins are very healthy.

5. Take precautions

Some routine task is risky for your pregnancy. Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals, lifting heavy objects, climbing ladder, cleaning or scrubbing bathroom, standing for long period of time etc.

6. Take adequate rest and drink plenty of water

Good sleep and rest are required during pregnancy. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Less water intake can cause cramps, morning sickness, and dehydration.

7. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and caffeine

Drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol is quite dangerous and affects the baby’s mental growth. Replace caffeine intake with milk or fruits. Caffeine increases the chance of miscarriage so completely avoid it.

8. Wear appropriate clothes and footwear

Now it’s a perfect time to go for maternal shopping. You will be in need of comfortable clothes and footwear. There will be a sudden shortage of clothes due to the changing body shape. Don’t wear tight and fitted clothes as it will suffocate the baby. As you gain weight, your feet will get swollen so wear footwear that is easy on your foot

9. Take care of your skin

Your skin becomes sensitive during pregnancy. You might develop dark blotchy spots, so use sunscreen with an SPF 30.

I hope that these healthy tips will be a good support for all the pregnant ladies.

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