Your guide to amazing Andalusia bearing Spain Golden Visa!

Andalusia is a land of dreams, all bathing in sunlight and an autonomous community of Spain where poetry, passion and drama infuse. The foot stomping flamenco, the vibrant festivals and valiant matadors are a symbol of this charming region. The decayed Moorish castles and ancient Jewish quarters have an indistinct seduction with ancient synagogues being replaced by churches after the re-conquest.

Walk the fascinating cobblestone streets, lounge in the fragranced courtyards of the orange trees, discover the snow-capped mountains or sail the green river valleys, Andalusia is stunning contrast of colours. And you can definitely enjoy exploring the place at its best with a Spain Golden Visa!

Seville: A classic touch

Lively religious festivities and the famous flamenco dance is part of Andalusia’s rich and distinct culture which remains pure in Seville, the capital city. Visitors pledge themselves to the elegant plazas, lovely architecture and the old-world cobblestone streets. The Alcazar is a Moorish architectural relic to boast Mudéjar decoration and lush gardens backed with flowing fountains and sweet scent of the orange trees. Another must-visit sight is the Barrio Santa Cruz with                                                                                          twisting alleys and pleasing patios.

Granada: The last Moorish strongholds

The lush landscape of Granada has always been a prime attraction for all and that’s what attracted the Moors who arrived from the North African deserts back in the 13th century. It was the Moors who built the fortress on the summit of Alhambra with fountains spread all across the ground representing abundance of wealth.

A true and classic masterpiece of Islamic design, Alhambra is a true glory with marvellous landscaping, water channels and rose gardens. UNESCO has listed Alhambra and the Albaicin district as World Heritage Sites. Other must-see sights are the Renaissance Cathedral and the connected Capillo Real.

Ronda is where the drama of Andalusia

The enchanting views and wild scenery of Ronda is a spine-tingling factor and truly stunning for visitors. Ronda is proud of its traditional culture of Andalusia being the second-oldest bullring in Spain. The Plaza de Toros is still up for the Feria Goyesca; it’s a famous bullfighting event bursting in ritual. For those longing for the charm of the old-world can find it purely in Ronda. Stroll the Museum of Bandits where you’ll be rewarded with a distinct essence of Ronda an every corner illustrates history of the daring heroes.

Beaches of Marbella

Alongside the Costa del Sol is the trendy coastal resort of Marbella that’s entirely picturesque and whitewashed. The amazing sandy beaches and charming palm tree walkways are a gift for locals and those bearing Spain Golden Visa.

For more high-profile and elite class, Marbella features plenty of private clubs and golf courses however a renowned beachfront destination. Casco Antiguo is a delightful old Moorish village hides many surprises for tourists who walk it cobblestone streets. Tourists would definitely enjoy discovering the 16th century old churches and courtyards with tranquil outdoor cafes.


Find yourself in ultimate charm of Andalusia which is the best treat of your trip to Spain.

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