Explore the Rich Culture of Incredible India at Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, nestled within seven hills, at the banks of two enchanting lakes. The city still retains its daily charm and a vacation to Bhopal is an excursion into the rich culture of India. Bhopal is a happening place and the activities here help you forget the daily stresses.

Travel through History at Bhopal

The Bhimbetka Caves are a landmark in the history of mankind in Madhya Pradesh. This pre-historic shelter of mankind displays the progress of mankind in the Paleolithic era through the cave paintings. Out of 600 caves, 12 are open for visitors. Located amidst sal and teak woods, a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage site is a lifetime experience.

Bhimbetka Caves, Madhya Pradesh

The Sanchi Stupa is another historical edifice at Bhopal. Considered as one of the oldest stone structures of the country, Sanchi Stupa is the most visited Buddhist structure after the Ashoka Pillar. Experience the simple lifestyle of the Buddhist monks at the Viharas. The engravings of devotees, Bodhi tree and deer park and flowers over the pillars along with the rare Prakrit inscriptions exhibit the Buddhist traditions.

Sanchi Stupa

Relish Authentic Cuisines at Bhopal

The pleasant atmosphere and the ancient culture of Bhopal have blended to create some heavenly cuisines. Among the non-vegetarian dishes, achargosht, keema, keema pulao, roganrosh and biryani offer a rich flavor of spices and pickles, the wheat cake of bafla is savoring with thick dal. Among the vegetarian dishes, BhuttekiKees and ChakkikiShaak are mouthwatering. The ChatoriGali is a paradise for food lovers at Bhopal.

When tired of long walks, the famous Bhopali beverages, namely, sugarcane juice and buttermilk refreshes you from within. The Bhopali Paan is a perfect end to a rich meal.

Bhutte ka kees

Sail Though the Blue Waters at Bhopal

Bhopal is known for the oldest manmade lakes, Upper Lake and Lower Lake; the Upper Lake was constructed in the 11th century by Raja Bhoj. Enjoy a romantic boat cruise with your loved ones over the crystalline waters, enjoying a mesmerizing sunset. The environment is gets more magical as hundreds of lights illuminate the blue waters at night. The boat cruises are best places to party at Bhopal; from rocking music to lip smacking food, get together is fun here.

Besides boat rides, you can also enjoy water sports at the lakes. Storm though the waters of the Lower Lake on motor boats, paddle or sail through the colored waters at sunset. The Upper Lake is a well-known picnic spot.

Upper Lake, Bhopal

Get Close To Nature at Bhopal

The Van Vihar National Park is a tourist hotspot at Bhopal. The dense vegetation of Amaltas, Bel, Babul, Amla, Saja and colorful blossoms are a treat to the eyes. As you enter the woods, the tweets of 40 species of migratory birds greet you. While folks of barheaded geese, cotton teal, spoonbill, brahmini duck, pintail, red pochard and purple herons are found playing at the lake of the forest, the White Tiger of the park is the prime highlight of the National Park. It also offers as the safe habitat for panthers, hyenas, nilgai, chital, macaque and blackbucks.

Van Vihar National Park

Go on a Shopping Saree at Bhopal

Bhopal is a dream city for saree lovers. The city is known for its gorgeous Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees, while its elegant silver jewelry completes the look. This ancient city is a store house of antiques, fill your backs with beaded cushions and leather goods. The hand embroidered apparels, stitched with silver and gold threads on velvet are also priceless possessions from the city.

Bhopal Shopping

Bhopal is hence a unique tourist spot of India where you can bask in the natural beauty of the subcontinent, enjoying the warm hospitality of the locals.

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