Experience the underwater worlds in Goa this holiday season

Are you a die-hard adventure junkie and lover of water sports? If so, then you should try once snorkelling in Goa. Those who love to visit Goa time and again are mad about its never-ending and inimitable charisma that has been successful in fascinating more and more holidaymakers over the years.

No matter what you can go and unwind or experience an immense pleasure by doing adventurous sports or just enjoy mouthwatering seafood and typical culinary tradition. Many travellers love to stay in the North Goa resort which is quite near by the place where they can enjoy different types of water sports, especially Snorkelling.

Snorkelling in Goa is one of the most preferred water sports among the youngsters, who love to explore the underwater world. You can look for the companies that take you for a snorkelling day trip. A trained professional will take you to the Monkey Island which is on the Arabian Sea and anchor will be dropped for the real adventure under the crystal blue water.

There are many sites to enjoy snorkelling in Goa. Some of the most popular sites in Goa is Grand Island where you can find the best sites for scuba diving as well as snorkelling such as Suzy’s Wreck, Umma Gumma Reef, Davy Jones Locker, Shelter Cove, and Bounty Bay, to name a few. While your stay in North Goa resorts, you can actually plan a day trip for this adventurous sport with your friends and family members.

Undoubtedly, I would say that it is one of the best ways to have a look at the beautiful marine life and feel the serenity deep inside your heart. When you are inside the water you literally feel so happy as the world inside world isn’t that stressful as our day to day life has become. We all wish to run away from hectic work life schedule.

Besides, the adventure you can even take a glance at the beautiful marine life at this beach. With exotic sea species and water sports, Goa is truly a heaven for travelers.

The apt time to visit Goa is from November to April. The very famous Barracuda Diving club and other clubs at Bogmalo beach provide specialized water sports training to the tourists. So, if you want to enjoy this even more then you may get enrolled there and have fun.

Underwater visibility in Goa ranges approximately somewhere between 2 and 20 meters which make it quite possible for you to easily witnesses the tranquil and scenic underwater world. The charisma and attraction of swimming with water species beckons scores of holidaymakers to appreciate this remarkable water sports.

Most interesting this is that some of the marine species which you can spot during Snorkeling and Scuba-Diving are goat fish, bat fish, blennies, barracuda, tuna, damsels and surgeon fish, to name a few.

However, in order to enjoy all this water sports in best possible way you need to plan your trip strategically. Sometimes not booking rooms in North Goa resort will leave you stressed as you can find place to stay on the spot. So, book your rooms and do search about the companies that provide better provision for snorkelling in reasonable rates.

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