Complete Travel Guide to Planning a Trip to India

India is a very interesting place and a travel destination much appreciated by people from all over the world. Its natural charms, the gastronomic plurality and the cities are its attractions. From last some year sustainable Tourism also starts in India with great force. It is one of the country’s objectives in terms of tourism.


No matter what you want, in India there is almost everything. We can learn about the heritage of Rajasthan, if we visit the Kerala lagoons. Or fall exhausted before the splendor of the Taj Mahal.

And listen to the roar of the tigers in the jungles as well as relax on the beaches. It is fascinating the gigantic Himalayas and float on the Ganges in Varanasi, so I will tell you. There is an Indian travel agency that can make all this happens in very smooth and organized.

Why Visit India Once In Lifetime

First, they will use public transport a lot, and they should remain calm, because it is chaotic, but it is what is there. You have to turn the trip into public transport into an intense experience. Be a participant in the traffic that invades any corner of the country and at any time of day. No matter the transport we have chosen, the traffic will be confused, to the point that you laugh for not crying. Maybe in some moments you get to believe that you hit it and see your whole life pass in front of you in a few seconds.

However, in that apparent chaos there is a perfect organization that they, the Hindus, see, but we, the others, do not. It’s like that, how else could it be that everyone goes that way without almost anything happening?

All Time Favorite Places is Goa

trip to India

Going to Goa is good. It is a part of India where it is quite easy to adapt to everything. It deserves at least two days of visit. In Anjuna, although the beach is nothing from another planet there are hostels with their swimming pool at prices of laughter (very cheap). There are even with wi-fi (internet wave). I must say that the best Indian food I’ve had has been in Goa. In Anjuna, there is some very advisable restaurants right next to the sea, at very accessible costs.

Do Home Work on Destination before the Plan

There are travelers who like to get to the destination without knowing anything about the place and be amazed. In India, I do not recommend it. Actually it is not here, on this planet, nowhere. It is best to get as informed as possible to the site. The more you know better. Of the currency, the culture, the transport, the kitchen, the possibilities fall ill, the weather, the best restaurants, the accommodations, everything…

You have to avoid drinking tap water. Consume only perfectly bottled mineral water. In some times there were cases in India of bottles that were filled with tap water and closed again. Make sure that the bottle has not been refilled. Avoid ice, salads, raw foods and fruits that we have not peeled ourselves.

On the trip to India you have to bring soap and toilet paper.

What is the Best Time and Season

When there are high seasons, which is very often must be adequately hydrated and shelter from the sun with sunglasses, sunscreen and hat. It is not good to walk and expose ourselves to the sun in the central hours of the day.

India does not leave with the backpack loaded with clothes. Fine trousers, two T-shirts and something light to put on top. Anyway, in India, clothes are cheap.

Also the laundry. Women should not go too provocative so as not to contradict some local customs. As footwear the best ones are some low trekking boots and some sandals, nothing more.

Some India Interesting Places

One of the most interesting places in the state of Madhya Pradesh is Khajuraho.

85 great temples were built, of which there are still twenty-two. They are called the Temples of the Mountain, as they all have a very tall tower that represents Mount Kailasha, the galactic mountain. Highlight the palace of Lalbagh, in Mughal and European style, beautifully adorned by statues and pillars, and the fortress of Junagarth. Inside the latter, which is a large architectural complex of the sixteenth century, are the palaces of the flower, the Palace of the moon and the Durbar room or audience room.

From a trip to India you leave satisfied having discovered the beauty of the cities of called Golden triangle: Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. From the city of Delhi the Raj Ghat.  In the city of Jaipur, the impressive Palace of the Winds (Hawa Mahal) and in Agra the Taj Mahal

What to You Eat in India

Indian cuisine

There is a huge range of flavors in the kitchen in this country. Just take into consideration that hygiene measures in most restaurants are not as good as they should, but there are exceptions. But, in short, everything that is boiled kills germs…

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