Top Three Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan

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Land of Rajasthan is famous for its luxurious past. One of the main elements of luxury during the yesteryear is forts and palaces. Today, most of the palaces and forts have fallen into ruins due to lack of use. To avoid this, the government has started an initiative to refurbish the palaces into heritage hotels Read More

Things to Know Before your Trip to Hyderabad

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Hyderabad city is having the fabulous culture, heritage and arts with full of vibrant colours. It is a part of Telangana state and lies on the bank of Musi River. In coming summer vacations you can plan a trip with your loved ones, family and friends to visit this lovely city of Southern India. The Read More

Health tourism flourishes day by day in India

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The tourism sector has always been a very crucial area for any country because it can largely contribute to the economy and society. With regard tothe economy, it is capable of generating huge employment opportunities and adds considerably to GDP. There are also patients who need to move from one country to another for a Read More

12 Main Tourist Attractions to Visit in Mumbai

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The city of Mumbai, also known under the name of Bombay, is recognized worldwide for its cinema and its dynamic city. Mumbai has however not as much of the historic monuments that some other cities of India. For its diversity and its history, Mumbai certainly deserves the detour. Mumbai is the main destination of India, Read More

Top exciting things to do in Mumbai

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Mumbai – the name of this city makes you all starry-eyed. Yes, the city which never sleeps. No wonder the hustle-bustle, glittery lives broaden your vision of exploring this amazing and unraveled city. The journey of Bombay to become Mumbai will surely fill your soul. Nostalgic elegance, rich history, and the modern facilities will forever Read More

When Must You Visit Neurologist?

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When must you visit a neurologist? To receive the utmost care, it is better to consult the primary doctor first, and then they might recommend you to see the best neurologist in Gurgaon. It is essential to know what a neurologist does and also what symptoms do they treat. How can a neurologist be defined? Read More

Here is a Plan that Would Help You to Visit Rajasthan

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Planning to visit Rajasthan this time on vacation for the first time? Have you searched for the basic information about the place? Rajasthan serves you with a colorful experience. The place is much popular for the heritage it has preserved, the ancient palaces, glorious gardens, folk dances, lively music, lavishing cuisines, and much more that Read More

Road trips you can’t afford to miss this Monsoon

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The monsoons are here! Sizzling pakoras, hot piping chai, and a long drive with your loved ones is all what you look forward to at this time of the year. You can never get enough of the rainy season if you are a pluviophile (the one who loves rainy days). Here are some alluring road Read More

Decoding the Luxury Train Journey On-Board the Maharaja Express

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The Maharaja Express is a statement in itself, complete with extravagance, opulence, and luxury. The package comprises of five Indian voyages which are easily the finest among Indian destinations worthy of being explored. The travelers enjoy a taste of a luxury train journey right into the lavishness synonymous with Indian royalty and heritage. The train Read More

Getting Snacks for Train Journey through E-catering Services

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For those who love to travel by long distance trains but are skeptical about the availability and quality of meals on board, there is good news at last. Now, there are many reputed e-catering services which are arranging for meals to be delivered to passengers directly. You can log onto their meal booking websites to Read More