The Best Places to Visit on a Shimla Tour

Nestled in the Northern part of India, Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Various reasons are cited for the city’s popularity as a tourist attraction and beingrecognized as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’. These include its snowy mountains, lush greenery, and enchanting lakes. You can visit Shimla at any time of the year for its pleasant weather and breathtaking views.

The scenic beauty of the locale was also loved by the British rulers; it was their summer retreat during their dominance period. The influence of the British is yet evident in the city’s structures.

However, if you want to explore Shimla, it is best toavail the option of Shimla tour packages offered by various tourist companies.

Shimla tour packages

Some of the sites worth visiting during your stopover in the city are as follows:

The Ridge

Located in the center of the city, The Ridge is an ideal place for gazing at the tall mountains that surround Shimla. The Ridge expands from East to West and encompasses the Mall, another famous tourist site.

Shimla tour packages

Jakhoo Hills

Jakhoo Hills is 800 feet tall and known to be the tallest peaks in the Hall Station. Moreover, you can enjoy a spellbindingspectacle of the snow-clad Himalayan Mountains from the site.

Jakhoo Hills

A visit to Jakhoo Hills is a must for Hanuman devotees. The height of the statue of this famous deity at the temple stands at 108 feet, and at an altitude of 8500 feet above sea level. Moreover, it contains sensors to keep the birds away.

The Mall

Situated at the foot of the Ridge, Mall Road is always teeming with people because it houses cafes, bookshops, restaurants, and other attractions. You can also enquire about various Shimla tour packages on offer during your visit to this place.

Kalka-Shimla Railway

A UNESCO heritage site, the Kalka- Shimla Railway was constructed by the British during their reign. It connects Kalka, a town in Haryana, to Shimla. The train halts at various tourist spots including Summer Hill.You can enjoy some enchanting views of the mountains and bridges by taking a trip on this train.

Kalka-Shimla Railway

Summer Hill

Summer Hill is also called as ‘Potter’s Hill’ because potters would group at this place for making pots. It is also part of the seven hills that shape Shimla. At this locale, you are standing at 1283 meters above sea level and makes for an unforgettable experience for the bewitching sights that behold you.


Some other places that you must make sure to visit when touring Shimla are Christ Church, Naldehra And Shaily Peak, Kufri, Annandale, Chail, Shimla State Museum, Solan, Daranghati Sanctuary, Akri Fort, Tattapani hot springs, Lakkar Bazaar, Chadwick Falls, Naldehra Golf Park, Kali Bari Temple, Scandal Point, the Glen, Mashobra and Himalayan Bird Park.

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