India to Malaysia Road Trip

8 international road trips from India

Travelling is something which gives us a break from our daily routines and acts as a breather of fresh air. Moreover, when travelling to a foreign land through a road trip, it is a totally ecstatic experience because unlike just booking international tour packages, road trip not only takes you to a particular destination but also allows you to admire the countless wonders in between as well as gives you a chance to experience the world in a new way see – 8 international road trips from India.

Though road trips may seem a bit daunting at first, but those who have done it once know that it is enough eventful and exciting that you left craving for the next one.

If you are also one of those people who are totally fond of road trips then we have brought out for you some exciting road trips which you can take to go to some stunning places. Continue reading to know more about some exciting international road trips from India!

  1. India to Myanmar

With a huge distance of 2,988.9 kilometres between the two countries, it surely is going to be one crazy journey by road. Approximately taking an average time of 54 hours, it might be a bit difficult, but we can assure you that once you do this road trip you will definitely feel that it was worth all the efforts.

After all, Myanmar is one amazing country with its rich culture, historic traditions, an old-world air and the never-ending delights of Burma.

  1. India to Nepal

If you are dreaming of admiring some lush forests, exploring world’s highest peaks or want to drink some pretty good alcohol that too with some reasonable and affordable budget, then take this amazing road trip to Nepal.

India to Nepal tour packages

With a distance of 1012 kilometres which takes on average an approximate time of 30 hours, the journey is relatively not much difficult to cover rather you will get to see amazing things in your way to this gorgeous country.

  1. India to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka with its serene beaches, green forests and rich culture is undoubtedly one of the best places for a refreshing getaway. On an average it takes 78 hours to cover the approximate distance of 3,553 kilometres to reach Sri Lanka. With closely knitted places it becomes quite easy to include a lot of places in a span of just one day!

  1. India to Bhutan

There are endless reasons why a person might want to visit Bhutan whether it be the fact that Bhutan is one of Asia’s happiest countries or its rich culture and heritage or the vibrant aura of the place which calms your soul but there is not any reason to not go there.

All it will take for you to reach Bhutan is to cross a distance of 2005.9 kilometres and approximate time span of 39 hours. All the efforts to reach this tiny Himalayan nation is going to be one of the best decisions of your life.

  1. India to Malaysia

With a huge distance of 5,629.3 kilometres to cover, the road trip to Malaysia on an average take around 90 hours. Though a back-breaking journey but reaching this gorgeous destination and witnessing the calming cultural

India to Malaysia Road Trip

atmosphere, the huge sky scraper building sportingly co-existing with beautiful houses on the river, is surely a site to see. Moreover, if you are a foody at heart, then the long distance to Malaysia will not appear that long to you, after all a warm delicious meal is waiting for you!

  1. India to China

India to China Road Trip

This is not at all an easy drive because you need to drive for approximately 83 hours to give the distance of 4,15 kilometres from India to China. Moreover, you can even incur some problem while procuring independent travel which. Though it looks a nearly impossible journey but is seen technically, then it is possible to make a road trip to China.

  1. India to Thailand

Many people prefer flying to Thailand over taking a road trip mainly because flying is comparatively cheaper but if you in for some thrill and excitement then go take this road trip.

india to thailand packages

With the newly opened highway from India to Thailand Tour Packages it has become a bit better to take this journey of 4,198 kilometres which take a time span of around 71 hours. But don’t worry, once you reach the destination the hardest part will be over and you can one amazing vacation at Thailand with its pristine beaches, exotic culture and endless attractions.

  1. India to Bangladesh

With Bangladesh being just around the corner, it does not require much thinking or planning to go for a road trip to Bangladesh. All it takes for you to reach this wonderful country is to take a journey of 1,713 kilometre and the effort of driving for around 30 hours. For increasing your moral, it is not a much difficult journey, after all you can even see the distant border of Bangladesh from some parts of India.

Though at first glance it might appear as a crowded country, but once seen closely Bangladesh will capture your hearts with its lovely water bodies, rich and ancient history as well as warm and friendly people. All in all, if you chose Bangladesh you are in for one amazing road trip!

These were some of the exciting road trip options that you can think of and have an amazing time during the journey as well as after you reach the destination. Share your experience with us too in the comments section below!

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