7 of Australia’s Top Backpacker Hostels to Consider: Updated for 2018

A lot of travelers might consider Australia as one of their favorite countries in the world and probably have crossed the country more times than their own country. If you haven’t been to Australia yet, I am sure that you are going to love it! Whether you have been a long time backpacker already or just want to have a Sydney weekend getaway, it can be a little bit tricky and overwhelming to pick the right hostel since Australia has numberless hostels. It’s either your stay would end up to be terrible, great, or just plainly okay.

Before I give you the list, first is, how much will a hostel in Australia cost you? You can expect to pay around 20 AUD per night for a dorm room in a hostel, or even as high as 40 AUD in bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. On the other hand, private rooms in hostels with a double bed and a shared bathroom will cost you around 80-100 AUD per night.

With that being said, here is a list of great hostels in Australia if you want to make sure you’ll have a great time and at the same time have better sleep and rest.

  1. Base St. Kilda (Melbourne)

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Staying in Base is like eating in McDonald’s, you get full but you’re not really content. However, Base has gotten a lot better than ever with their Melbourne hostel and has been a favorite by many. No need to worry about their rooms and bathrooms because they are really clean and pleasant. If you like to drink, their bar is lively every night, and there are BBQs and events during the week. Their bar is open 7 nights a week plus they provide free breakfast from 8am-10am, amazing right?

They also offer free daily activities, have a travel desk, recruitment, and jobs desk. You can expect to make some friends since most people come to Base to party and everyone is very interactive and social. This is a good place for friends who are traveling together.

  1. Wake Up! (Sydney)

Courtesy of sydney.com

This place in many ways is similar to a backpacker hotel. It has eight floors, modern and clean look, and small common areas. With its large size that makes it a bit hard to meet people outside the common areas or your room, wait till you discover the big bar located downstairs, where you will be able to socialize with all the people you see coming and going. When it comes to their rooms, you will enjoy the high water pressure in the showers and very comfy beds.

Plus, the location is perfect since it’s effortless to get to and from the airport since it is just located next to the Central Station. The only drawback is that it’s more expensive than the cheaper options in King’s Cross, so just get ready with your budget if you are feeling this one! But it’ll be worth it.

  1. Kimberley Travellers Lodge (Broome)

Courtesy of booking.com

If you want a more family-friendly type of hotel, then this hostel is for you. Aside from their huge pool, large outdoor area, cozy bar, and nice location close to the beach, they have a gigantic kitchen too! Some of you might hate the feeling of cooking in hostels because they lack that space you need and you’re always bumping into other people who are also cooking. But with this one, you would definitely love their spacious kitchen. There are plenty of areas to move around even during cooking peak time.

They also provide free shuttle service to famous Cable Beach, and the hostel is just a close walk to town. Their rates constitute a continental breakfast daily and they will even arrange commendatory airport transfers.

  1. Aquarius Backpackers (Byron Bay)

Courtesy of aquarius-backpackers.com.au

Another great hostel to stay if you’re with your family is in Aquarius. The place and their staff are doing a great job at having people to interact with other travelers and create a friendly atmosphere. The hostel is near to the beach and the center of town.

If you cannot live without surfing the internet, good thing is that they have free Wi-Fi by the pool. They provide free meals every night and arrange a huge BBQ lunch on Sundays. Also, the dorms are clean but nothing special with their beds.

5.Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel and Resort (Cairns)

Courtesy of makemytrip.com

If you are looking for the best party hostel/hotel in Australia, this place is a good start. This huge hostel is where you would want to party. The rooms are pretty okay, they have aircon and beds are comfy, but not really that impressive. But the more important thing that they can greatly offer to you is their cutting-edge kitchens, swimming pool with an open deck bar, massive outdoor pub screens, free Wi-Fi, and free airport pick up.

  1. Nomads Noosa (Noosa)

Courtesy of visitnoosa.com.au

For a more chill and laidback place you can stay in, this nice little hostel is a great choice. It is only 900 meters from the beach. Their rooms are spacious enough and their own bathroom. This place is another nice option if you are traveling with your family. They have a tropical garden, a joint kitchen bar, swimming pool, and a volleyball court. Staffs are very friendly and helpful too!

  1. Dreamtime Travelers Rest (Cairns)

Courtesy of booking.com

This is probably one of the cheapest hostels you can stay in. Their dorm is only around $18.45! Dreamtime is the perfect place for all types of people. The location is super close to city pubs and clubs so you can easily crawl home after a night out. But don’t worry if it’s near pubs and clubs because it’s far enough away so you can chill out in peace and quiet. They also have a pool area that’s pretty clean and a chill place to be at. Their reception area has plenty of computers for guests to use, free coffee and tea, and provide an informative tour. All staff is very accommodating and helpful so definitely a recommended one.

I highly suggest that you stay at these impressive hostels if you do have plans to visit Australia. We may have our own indications of what makes a good hostel, but the important things you should consider is to look at the amenities, staff, environment, and beds. If they meet all of these requirements, then go book it!

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