5 Places To Visit In Europe In Winter

Europe is a year-round destination, but there is something about its winters that just strikes the cord. Is it the Northern Lights? Or a dream on skiing through Swiss Alps? Well, there is never going to be an end to what awaits in Europe especially during winter season; Christmas markets, snowfall and much more!


This article features 5 top places to visit in Europe in winter season. And believe it, it wasn’t an easy task, as it’s easy to get your mind boggled with all the fabulous places in this continent.


1. Iceland

Iceland with its paradisiacal landscape already blows mind of people world across. Winters in this lovely destination is lot more magical, as one gets to witness a strange yet intriguing phenomena called Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.


The night sky during this time not only gets blanketed with twinkling stars, but also waves of green lights. This phenomena occurs between October to Early March. In fact, there even are places in Iceland during winter season which experience as much as 15 days of utter darkness!


2. Germany

Winter in Germany means the spirit of Christmas celebrated in its special annual markets. The Christmas markets adds beauty to country’s varied landscape, and you have so much on offer whether you’re here for shopping or to just enjoy your time around.


Mulled wine will keep you warm in the cold weather, the snowflakes will embrace you as you try your hands on ice skating on public ice rinks of the country, and the cathedrals’ beauty turns up a notch using fairy lights and mistletoes.

3. Czech Republic

One of Europe’s most-visited and beloved destinations, Czech looks nothing like a winter wonderland with all the snow covered through and through. The Gothic marvels and cobblestone pavements will urge you to believe you breathing in a Disney movie’s set.


4. Venice

Venice needs no introduction when we’re talking about the best places to visit in Europe anyway. This lovely canal city is prettified with landmarks created with Renaissance style of architecture. In winter season Venice hosts a much-awaited carnival that was first started 850 years back.


During the celebration one gets to get an insight to Venice’s history, art and culture. So, if you’re seeking a European destination in Winter that’s going to be nothing less than an extravaganza, this is your pick! It’s all going to be colorful and festive like a dream!


5. United Kingdom

Who in the world doesn’t admire the Colonial charm and the sophistication of British culture?! Each city and countryside of U.K  look ravishing during this time of the year; whether you’re visiting London, Manchester and Liverpool. I

Other than mentioned destinations, Finland, Switzerland, Scotland, France and Turkey are among the top places to visit in Europe during winter season. As most of the destinations in Europe experiences snowfall, it is suggested you carry heavy winter clothing along with you!


Have you been to any of these places? We’d love to know your experiences! Share your stories in the comment section.


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