Daman Diu Beach

5 Most Romantic Beach Destinations in India

The beaches are some of the best destinations to spend a romantic evening on a holiday. There are many beaches as India is surrounded by water on the three sides.

Here are the top tourist beach destinations that are tranquil and romantic – perfect for rekindling the romance between you.

1. Daman & Diu

This beach on the coast of the Arabian Sea is a unique and tranquil beauty especially for the partners who like the peaceful and non – busy beaches. It is in Gujarat and there is also green forest landscape in close proximity that is missing from other beach locations. This adds value to the romantic destination as you can also have a quiet romantic picnic before or after spending time on the beaches of this territory.

Daman Diu Beach

2. Beaches of Goa

There are nearly 30 different types of beaches in Northern and Southern Goa. You can find the busiest party night beaches for various celebrations or even a thrill adventure seekers beach paradise. There are also the quiet white sandy beaches of Vasco Da Gama and Benaulim where you can hear the sounds of the ocean and enjoy the breeze by the beach shores. This is if you and your partner do not like the crowds and commercialization then see Colva in Salcete.

Goa Romantic Beach

3. Andaman and Nicobar

These tiny islands in the Arabian Sea are a great holiday destination with exotic water lagoons, thrilling underwater adventure activities such as snorkeling and jet ski. This is amidst several bungalows and luxury resorts that make for a memorable romantic holiday in a typical filmy styled romantic honeymoon. In addition there are also some resort companies that boost the excitement and celebration by organizing night partying alongside the beach destinations.

Andaman Beach

4. Kannur, Kerala

This is one of the best romantic picnicking sights where people can also go for a smooth drive by the sea. You can simply get a tan while sun bathing in this beach surrounded by black rocky terrain giving a feel of nature. While this beach turns into an adventure fair during summer vacation months like April you can witness bike and car stunts, wheeling, and water sports. In the entire continent of Asia this is the only drive – in beach and is a quiet romantic loner beach.

Kannur Beach, Kerala

5. Lakshadweep Islands

These are numerous land pieces in the ocean and provide for a great romantic honeymoon destination or simply a romantic holiday time with your partner. Many of these islands are also not allowed to visit. However, on the other lands like Bangaram Atoll, Kalpeni, Agatti, etc, there are all activities and types of beaches such as boating from one island to another and other water activities. There is one unique experience that romantic couples can take from here is the experience of native culture of the islands. You can go through the villages, watch how they fish or simply have a lazy but enjoyable time together to relax yourselves. There is not anything more than a romantic experience in one of the best private and romantic beaches.

Kalpeni Island

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