12 Main Tourist Attractions to Visit in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai, also known under the name of Bombay, is recognized worldwide for its cinema and its dynamic city. Mumbai has however not as much of the historic monuments that some other cities of India. For its diversity and its history, Mumbai certainly deserves the detour.


Mumbai is the main destination of India, before New Delhi and Goa. Know here about top 12 main tourist attractions to visit in Mumbai :

1. Gateway of India, Mumbai

The Memorial The more recognized in Mumbai, the gateway of the India, was built in 1924 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in the city. It is also here that the last British troops are parties of India, marking the end of the dominance on the country that achieved its independence in 1947. The imposing door is designed to be the first thing that one sees in Mumbai in boat. It is a popular place located in the heart of the city.

2. Heritage of Mumbai

Mumbai has heritage buildings exciting where you can admire the amazing examples of a colonial architecture complex. Some of the best are the gothic museum of the Prince of Wales in the artistic district of Kala Ghoda. There is also the railway station of the Terminus Victoria as well as the High Court of Bombay is examples of unique buildings to visit in Mumbai. Also go before the historic houses of the 18th century in the district of Khotachiwadi are worth the detour. You can explore this place with Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train which is providing onboard luxury services.

3. Kala Ghoda in Mumbai

The district of Kala Ghoda is the ideal place to discover the art Indian. Kala Ghoda means black horse and makes reference to a statue which was otherwise located in the cultural center of Mumbai. This segment in the form of a crescent houses the best art galleries and museums of Mumbai. Many cultural spaces are present in this district of the city. Stroll in the streets to discover many places captivating.

4. Banganga Tank

The water tank of the Banganga Tank is the remnant History The oldest of Mumbai. The city has been built around this important place of the city. It offers the unique opportunity to be submerged in the history of the city. Yet many people of India do knowledge not even this place. The reservoir of sacred water is flanked by a narrow street lined with temples and old houses. Hindus believe that walking around the tank presents huge advantages purifying.

5. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat Mumbai

This massive laundry in full Air provides an unforgettable overview of the external view of Mumbai. The dirty laundry in Mumbai is made here and carefully washed by hand by the dhobis (cleaners) . The major hotels in Mumbai use these services for Lavers the sheets.

6. Dabbawalas Mumbai

The dabbawala, i.e. a person who door, ledger term granted to thousands of man responsible for the transport of the daily delivery of 200,000 lunch boxes of food freshly cooked to employees of the city of Mumbai. A unique concept well structured.

7. Haji Ali

The imposing mosque of Haji Ali is visible in several places in Mumbai. It was built in 1431 by the merchant the richest of the city. This mosque was inspired by the Mecca. Located in the middle of the ocean, it is only accessible during low tide.

8. The Markets of Mumbai

Of the multitudes of markets and bazaars that propose the city, several deserve the attention of travellers. One of the most fascinating is the market Chor Bazaar Thieves Market near Colaba Causeway. However, there are several other interesting places to do his shopping in Mumbai. The street linking is a good example of Street where it is well to do his shopping.

9. Bollywood and the Indian Cinema

Mumbai is the center of the film industry Bollywood in full expansion of the India. The Eros cinema has been the architecture of this art. Adjacent to the train station of Churchgate, c is the place any designated to understand the social phenomenon of Bollywood. Otherwise, you can also live the experience in making you to Film City where several of the films are shot each year.

10. Dharavi Slum

Mumbai is notorious for aovir the largest slum in Asia. Welcome to Dharavi. It is possible to make a turn. However, many people are reluctant to do so for moral reasons. They believe that it is the tourism of the poverty and the voyautiste which discomfort. Be aware that the current reality is very different. The visits are really insightful and dissipate. The stereotypes preconceived negative that people have change after this visit.

11. Caves of Elephanta

Although they is far from being as impressive as the famous caves of Ajanta and Ellora, the old caves cut of rock of the island of Elephanta deserve to be visited. Especially if you are several days on Mumbai. The place became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1987. It possess of sculpture and works of art impressive. Since the door of Linde, you can take a ferry to get there.

12. Beaches of Mumbai (Bombay)

At the end of a day, relax with the premises on the beaches of Juhu and Marine Drive. Watch the sunset. If you are feeling adventurous, taste the local fare propose on the place for you feel really different things.

How to Reach Mumbai

Mumbai is well connected by Air, Road and Trains. If you are looking for luxurious journey then Deccan Odyssey Train will take you there. It is one of the luxury trains in India which offers onboard luxury amenities and each journey of Deccan Odyssey starts or ends with Mumbai.

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