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10 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travellers

Student life is one of the most exciting phases of life. There aren’t that many responsibilities aside from academic performance. It can get easy to get stuck with studies and workloads during student life. This burden can often suck in a student away from actually enjoying life. But that shouldn’t be the case. Your academic journey offers exciting new life experiences. Increasing these experiences and making the most out of these is something that every student should do. And what better way to do that than to travel.

Who doesn’t like to travel? Travelling is something that entails loads of benefits. But students often don’t travel because they feel travelling is expensive. There’s already a lack of finances during student life; travelling seems like an unaffordable luxury for students. But travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. By implementing some simple strategies, students can comfortably afford travelling and enjoy life as it was meant to be. So if you’re a student who is feeling overburdened with academic essays, why not get some essay help and go for a trip to another part of the world?

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead for a trip is essential for bringing down the cost as well as avoiding any mishaps. While this planning doesn’t have to include every minute action, a general layout is highly recommended. Planning beforehand allows making the most out of a trip. The time and location for travelling can make a huge difference in the type of experience. The activities also differ at each location.

Choose Destination Wisely

For many students, the cost of travelling somewhere boils down to just the plane ticket. But the plane ticket is only a part of the trip cost, albeit a major one. The cost of living somewhere and the currency value play a major part in the total cost of a trip as well. A plane ticket to some country might be cheap, but living there might be expensive. Students should consider all costs before embarking on an adventure.

Start Saving Early

Money is hard to come by during student life. Therefore, just getting up and travelling at a whim can prove to be difficult. A more sensible approach to travelling is to start saving up for a trip early. This point ties in very well to the first one. Planning beforehand will provide an idea of the cost of the trip, helping students to start saving earlier.


Maintaining self-discipline during a trip is important. While it’s very tempting to splash the cash on lavish things and expensive souvenirs on a trip, it can quickly chip away at the budget set for the trip. Avoid taxis and lavish restaurants. Instead, eat cheap and make use of public transportation.

Sticking to the plan laid out earlier is important because veering off it too much might mean ending up without any money abroad.

Find Cheap Flights

Flight prices vary wildly from day to day. Since flight tickets are going to be the most expensive elements of most trips, saving on it could help a great deal. In most cases, booking flights as early as possible will be the cheapest options. But these could also vary according to seasons.

By making use of apps like Skyscanner, students can keep a check on flight prices as well as go with the cheapest ones.

Cheap Accommodation

Yes, staying at hotels sounds very tempting. After all, who doesn’t like to be treated like a king or queen where all the staff is present to please you? But hotels are expensive and go against travelling on a budget mantra. Instead of hotels, find other accommodation options such as volunteering projects, shared rooms or Airbnb.

Travel in Groups

Travelling in groups divides the cost of many aspects of a trip among many people, therefore cutting down individual costs.

Student Discounts

While not available in all countries, student discounts are a great way to cut costs. Many progressive countries offer student discounts on transport, accommodation and even food.

Free Stopovers

A great tip to save on a trip is by making use of connecting flights. By using connecting flights, you can effectively visit an additional country on the way to the original location. Making smart use of these stopovers can mean killing two birds with one stone!

Pack Light

A common mistake that many unseasoned travellers make is over-packing. Over-packing doesn’t only make it difficult to manage personal luggage, but can also mean in added costs incurred by flight luggage penalties.


As is evident from the tips given in this post, travelling on a budget is entirely possible. It just requires a bit more thought. Travelling as a student can be incredibly freeing, so go out there and have the time of your life!

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